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Carnarvon Tyres is a one-stop-shop for your vehicle's needs!

We have the tyres, wheels, brakes, batteries, exhausts, ARB products, mechanical repairs and services for you!

We have room for long rigs and we specialise in trailers and caravans.

Kim Jolly and his family team, trading as Carnarvon Tyrepower, are in the Carnarvon town centre at 58 Robinson Street. We serve the Gascoyne region and we specialise in assisting tourists as they travel through the region.


Our Services

  • Full wheel and tyre service.
  • Wheel Alignments.
  • Caravan / Trailer wheels and tyres.
  • ARB agents in Carnarvon.
  • Full brakes service.
  • FREE battery checks and a full replacement service.
  • Log book and fleet vehicle services.
  • Fit and repair exhaust systems.
  • Mechanical repairs.

Tips and Tricks

You can improve the life and running efficiency of your tyres with these simple tips:

  • Check that you have the correct tyres fitted to your vehicle. We will confirm this if you give us a call or drop in.
  • Avoid mixing tyres on your vehicle, unless your specification states otherwise, e.g. different wheel size front and back.
  • Check the tyre pressure every 2 - 3 weeks against the recommended pressure when the tyre is cold before you drive.
  • Check your tread depth every month - must be greater than 1.6mm to be roadworthy and legal.
  • Check tyres regularly for signs of wear - tears, cuts, bruises, etc. If you find a problem, let us know and we'll tell you what to do, if anything.
  • Drive sedately and avoid heavy braking and acceleration - you'll get there just as fast.
  • Get regular wheel balances done to make sure your tyres run smoothly on the road.
    • Wheel alignments and tyre rotations maximise the life of your tyres by wearing them evenly.

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      Carnarvon Tyrepower really saved my bacon when I was on a camping tour through the region. I picked up some wire that had wrapped tightly around my wheel axle and had punctured my tyre giving me a slow leak. The boys removed the wire and repaired my tyre in the time it took for me to go and get a coffee. Thanks guys!

      Rebecca Duffield
      Wanneroo, WA

      Just thought I'd drop you a line to say thanks for the excellent job you did installing the ARB bull bar and winch on my FJ Cruiser. Two days later I was really glad you did as I used the 10K winch to pull myself out of a serious mud hole in Broome.

      Jamie Pearson
        Fremantle, WA

      Travelling round Australia. Picked up some second hand tyres for my camper-trailer at your Wangara store. Wasn't sure how they'd go with the trailer weight. Andrew at Wangara suggested we get them checked at the Carnarvon store when passing through. Did that. All OK. Great service guys.

      Gary Johnston
      Morgan, SA

      A very big thank you to Kim, Richard and all the guys who helped organise 3 new tyres and new bearings for my trailer that blew 2 tyres during the the New Year break. I had to leave the trailer at Capricorn Caravan park, where Jodie and Haydn so kindly helped out also, as it was unmovable. When the holidays had finished Kim arranged for collection of the trailer and repaired it within 2 days and had it delivered to Coral Bay for me, all at a very reasonable price. Highly recommend these guys and thank you again :)

      Lee Gibbs

      We were struggling to remove a tyre at BP Carnarvon, when a local suggested we go to Tyrepower. It was 1pm on a Saturday and our hearts sank, as we knew they would be closed, and we had hoped to reach Geraldton that night. I rang though: they HAD closed, but would stay open for us travelers to get to them. The gentleman who helped us could not have been more helpful, and we were back on the road in an hour. I cannot thank him enough for showing us genuine kindness, service and hospitality - not something we experience very often these days.

      Maria McAdam
        Carnarvon Tyrepower are ready to assist you with your 4WD / SUV, passenger or performance car, light truck or commercial vehicle, trailer or caravan needs.

        Call Kim Now on (08) 6244 4232 for a chat