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Wheel Alignments and Other Services

Most of us want the best performance from our vehicles. It's equally important to do regular tyre maintenance and battery replacement as it is to professionally service engine and transmission systems on our vehicles. Having your tyres regularly aligned, rotated and balanced for a small fee will extend the your tyre life, saving you money, and ensure your driving safety. You'll also experience a much sweeter ride for your driving pleasure.

Tyrepower has the expertise and the services to reduce the wear and tear on your tyres and give you professional advice on the right tyre solution for you.

Rest easy with a reliable battery from Tyrepower. Many breakdowns arise from battery-related problems, which could have been easily prevented with a regular battery check and replacement. Carnarvon Tyrepower will give you a FREE battery check and they carry the right battery for your vehicle.

Laser Wheel Alignment

Aligning your wheels will reduce tyre wear, as well as ensure your vehicle's travel is straight and true, without pulling to one side. This is a key requirement for safe braking.

carnarvon tyres wheel alignments

At Carnarvon Tyrepower we have equipment that uses lasers to align your wheels precisely. A fully qualified staff member will complete your wheel alignment by accurately adjusting the angles of the wheels so they are set to the car manufacturer’s specification. We can also alter alignment angles beyond the manufacturer’s specification to obtain a specific handling characteristic, if needed.

At Carnarvon Tyrepower, we don't do wheel alignments like the other tyre shops. With our cutting-edge wheel alignment technology, we perform FULL castor, camber and toe wheel alignments, for front, rear or four wheels. You will feel the difference a full wheel alignment makes to your ride.

We have a SPECIAL on wheel alignments this month for 4WDers!

Under normal driving conditions, many vehicles can travel for 50,000 km or more before they need a new set of tyres. This is also a good interval to check the alignment. Routine wheel alignments have the potential to save you money whilst also supporting optimal vehicle performance.

If you have had a serious driving accident or have changed components of your suspension, then it is essential that your wheels and tyres are inspected for your safety.

If your vehicle’s wheels need aligning, speak to one of the specialist staff at Carnarvon Tyrepower today.

Mechanical Services

Carnarvon Tyrepower have a full time, fully trained mechanic on staff to attend to your mechanical services needs.

Carnarvon Tyrepower are a one-stop-shop for your vehicle needs:

  • ​Tyre and wheel services.
  • Log book and fleet vehicle services.
  • Brakes maintenance and replacements.
  • Exhaust system fittings and repairs.
  • Engine and transmission mechanical repairs.
  • ARB agents.

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Puncture Repairs

We've all experienced a flat tyre at some point  - some more than others. When it happens, we know you want to get back on the road quickly. Usually, you would replace the flat tyre with your spare. So, it is critical that you have your flat tyre repaired or replaced as soon as possible as it will become your new spare tyre.


One of the tyre experts at Carnarvon Tyrepower can quickly assess your tyre and advise whether it can be repaired or replaced while you wait. Tyres with punctures inside the tread area are usually repairable but others may be beyond repair and need to be replaced. If there are sizeable punctures in the tread or punctures in the tyre's shoulder or sidewall areas these are often not repairable.

Correct tyre repair is essential as any tyre damage will affect its performance. Damaged, punctured or leaking tyres are unsafe, can lead to serious accidents and affect the performance of your vehicle, so contact Carnarvon Tyrepower today to have your tyres inspected, repaired or replaced. Note that if you have an accident, while running a damaged tyre, your insurance company may not honour a claim made on the vehicle.

All tyres are repaired to current Australian Standards.


Are you running late for work? Do you need to pick the kids up from school or are you alone in your car in a remote place in the dead of night? You know that a flat battery can happen at the worst possible time, leading to unneeded stress and even threatening your personal security.


At Carnarvon Tyrepower, we do more than just service and replace tyres. We also stock a big range of batteries that are uniquely suited to Australian conditions and specific driving and power needs for optimum performance and a longer life.

A qualified staff member at Carnarvon Tyrepower will be happy to give you a FREE battery test and set your mind at ease. Just ask!

By maintaining and regularly testing and replacing your vehicle’s battery when required, you can avoid being stuck with no charge left to start your car when it  matters.

Call one of our friendly and experienced staff at Carnarvon Tyrepower today and we will answer all your battery related questions.

Carnarvon Tyrepower are ready to assist you with your 4WD / SUV, passenger or performance car, light truck or commercial vehicle, trailer or caravan needs.

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